Christopher Butcher, Founder

Following his degree in Financial Mathematics, Christopher went straight into trading shares for a proprietary trading company in London.

Here he developed an effective trading system based on forecasting the volatility of the market allowing for efficient risk-management, an area he still very much focuses on.

Several years later he moved to another trading firm in London's Liverpool Street where he traded Government Bonds and Oil Derivatives.

Next he moved to Credit Suisse investment bank in Canary Wharf - on the Collateral trading desk, before moving into FX trade management.

Throughout his career he has developed a taste for implementing trading methods that can be applied to a diverse range of market products.

Christopher now trades from home whilst running The Trading Classroom where his strategies are shared.

Outside of trading, Christopher is a keen horse racing enthusiast, and runs a horse racing laying system alongside his trading.


He is a lover of the outdoors and spending time with his family, whether that means power kiting or flying his drone!

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Our mission statement is to ensure we serve our students in the most effective and personal way so they can use the skills they learn to pursue their own goals.

The results in trading speak for themselves, which is why we do not sugar-coat anything. Our philosophy is to be as sincere and helpful as possible.

Our educators have extensive experience at the largest and most successful institutions in the industry, and we firmly believe the future of trading is at the computer - not the big banks. We are living proof that this industry is changing, and our duty is to spread the word and share the facts with everyone else.

We'd love to welcome you to our team and help you start earning as your own boss as quickly as possible!

" What strikes me most is how complicated most people perceive trading to be – they think it’s only for number bods and consider it far out of reach.


The reality is that anyone can log on to a computer or laptop and place some trades. It does not have to be complicated, and in fact the hardest part in learning how to trade is understanding how simple it is.


The banks are struggling for the very reason that technology is making it so accessible to absolutely anyone – and all it takes is the knowledge on what to do.


Coming from a career in various financial institutions, I’m extremely excited at the changing times and opportunities it brings about for the likes of you and I. "


Christopher Butcher, Founder