What Is It ?

It's all about changing prices.


You can make money by buying something as cheaply as possible and selling it as expensive as possible.


Anyone of any age, any background and any occupation can learn how to trade with our idiot-proof risk management strategies


Learn to break free from the time versus money trap and learn to trade for less than 30 mins a day to build a serious second income


The quickest way to achieve success in any field is to surround yourself with the people who are already proven specialists in the game

The Benefits Of Trading

Tax free profits under UK tax laws

Completely flexible - trade from home when it suits you

Profit from a rising or falling market

Can be done with your computer or laptop, regardless of prior knowledge or experience

Easy to get started with minimal investment

What's in it for us ?

Quite simply, we love sharing what we do !

Trading, when done right, does not need to take up hours upon hours each day.

We enjoy teaching people because it fills in those blank hours when we aren't trading - and it keeps us involved.

We have a lot of pride in being considered as specialists in the field of trading, and we are thankful for the people who are keen to learn our strategies.

What Trading Is

Control your own work hours

Can be started with as little as £500

A new challenge every day

No qualifications necessary

A way to control your risk

What Trading Isn't

Require privileged information

Money for nothing

Success without work

Another online scam

Need you to be a number-bod or computer whizz !

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2)  Find What You Want To Trade






3)  Execute

How Can You Trust Us ?

You are right to be skeptical - but our experience should speak volumes

A team of experienced, former investment bankers and traders from London city who now trade from home for a living

We have learnt the best techniques from the best in the industry . Once we proved that we could be consistently profitable, we decided that we did not have to do it for someone else any longer

We have seen various publicity for our trading methods and experience, you can view our latest article here

" At last a no nonsense, easy explanation start to trading with success.


Great mentoring without extortionate prices & egos. This course is perfect for the likes of you & I with savings looking for investments.


Christopher's years on the Trade Floor really shine through, he really does know his stuff. "

Katie , Business Owner

" Having known Chris personally I was interested how he managed to work such short hours from home, and so I asked him to teach me.


I was surprised how simple something that is generally considered quite complex could be.


Everything was easy to digest and well structured. "

Ian , Insurance Professional

Trading Programme

Learn to trade independently , from the comfort of your own home with your own dedicated mentor - including late evenings and weekends

The course includes all required reading material , lessons and on-going support as you transition into live trading

Some of the things covered :

What is trading - A definition and Introduction

Trading techniques and Terminology

In-depth Technical Analysis

How to open a trading account and get started

Risk Management and Trading Application

Safe Money Management

How to grow your account

The Psychology of Trading

Total Cost = £749