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Online Course -

Learn to trade with my Private Support.

My full Trading Programme offers you all the Education and Support you need to become a successful trader.

What do I get?

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Video Access

Unlimited face-to-face sessions with me - either at my office or through Skype.


Education Material

We'll track your progress as you put the theory into practice - and I'll always answer your questions!

1-to-1 Support

Your own copy of the Education Pack folder - along with multiple spreadsheets and tools.

What's included?


1-to-1 Live Sessions With Me

Either at my office, or via Skype - or a combination of both.

Unlimited Number Of Sessions

That way we can tailor things to however long you need - and however you learn best!

Ongoing Support

Whether it's a catch-up meeting, email or phone call - I'll be around to support you.

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Education Material

You'll receive your own copy of the 220-page Education Pack (written by me).

Platform Setup

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I'll set you up with the best products to be trading - with templates for our strategy - and show you how to use it all! 


Spreadsheet Analytical Tools

You'll get multiple analytical spreadsheets to assist with Risk Management and Performance Monitoring.


Performance Reviews

We'll sit down and review your performance to make sure you're on the right track - at no extra cost!

Total cost = £950

No hidden charges


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What Will Be Covered?

and more...

Why Is This Unique?

This programme has been built so it can be understood and utilised by anyone of any background or prior experience.

The nature of the private tuition means the style and method of education can be tailored to suit your learning needs - whether you're a more visual learner - or perhaps more practical.

Things have been simplified into an easy-to-digest format to maximise it's effectiveness - and once finished we can stay in touch incase you have any questions or want a catch-up (at no extra cost).

I will go into detail with the specific things to look out for on a daily basis - and explain my reasoning behind the logic.

Likewise - we'll also talk about the situations that are too risky and why they're best left alone.

What are the steps?


STEP 1 - Deposit

You pay £100 to secure your spot - this will come out of the total balance.


STEP 2 - Education Pack Delivered

This will be sent via Special Delivery for speed and security.


STEP 3 - We Arrange A Start Date

I'll be in touch by email / phone to arrange our first meeting - whether at the office or Skype - remaining balance due before we start.

STEP 4 - The Learning Begins!

Let the journey commence!