Katie,  Party business owner


At last a no nonsense, easy explanation start to trading with success. Great mentoring without extortionate prices & egos. This course is perfect for the likes of you & I with savings looking for investments. Christopher's years on the Trade Floor really shine through, he really does know his stuff.


A perfect course for the ordinary person looking to invest in a future. A clean and easy course, easy to follow and understand. Christopher was a great mentor with patience and a welcoming attitude. 

Keith,  Finance professional


Very well organised and highly recommended! I was greatly impressed by the professional skills and approachable nature of the team. Some aspects of the teaching course were not obvious at the time but as soon as I started trading on my live account the wisdom and advice all became apparent and made sense.


A big thanks to Chris and the team for all their efforts.

Ian,  Insurance professional


Having known Chris personally I was interested how he managed his success by working short hours from home, and so I asked him to teach me.


I was surprised how simple something that is generally considered quite complex could be. Everything was easy to digest and well structured. I have learnt a great deal and am applying the knowledge learnt and trading rules taught to build my account. This has really opened my eyes and opened the door to a second income.

Chris,  Student


I have always been interested in the financial markets and after several years of not getting anywhere with my trading account I decided to seek the professionals.


This course has completely changed how I do things and has introduced me to "trade criteria" that I have never even considered. I have immediately seen more positive results and am more at ease with my decisions.


Many thanks for everything guys.

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