Trading Programme

Our trading programme has been built so it can be understood by anyone of any background and occupation. This has been put together by professional traders with varied and extensive experience at investment banks and other large institutions.

The programme has been broken down into a simple and easy-to-digest format to maximise it's effectiveness. 

We are aware that our students may prefer late evenings or weekend lessons due to their work commitments, and we are happy to accomodate this.

Our students vary from young business owners to those looking for an effective way to manage their finances going into retirement, and we have held their hand step-by-step, to help transform them into the independent traders they are today.




Over 200 pages of digestible and essential trading content that has been written by professional traders. You will learn the analysis of trading methods, the various markets and how to overcome the challenges all trader's face.


Some of the things covered are :

  • What is trading - A definition and Introduction

  • Trading techniques and Terminology

  • In-depth Technical Analysis

  • Technical Studies used by the institutions

  • Fundamental Analysis

  • How to open a trading account and get started

  • Risk Management and Trading Application

  • Safe Money Management

  • How to grow your account

  • The Psychology of Trading

1-to-1 Tutoring


Nothing ensures thorough understanding more than personal lessons with one of our professional and established traders.

This robust trading programme delivers a unique and fresh approach to making money trading from home.

Based on behavioural psychology, risk management and effective techincal analysis, this approach helps you make sense of the financial markets; giving you the skill, knowledge and technical competency to ultimately make the right trading decisions confidently.

You can either :

Learn at our office : Your assigned mentor will arrange suitable times for you to come to our office in Maidstone, Kent. Please check for availability.

Learn Online : For those further out of reach your lessons will be conducted via Skype (this is a free service).

Your mentor will also be available for answering your queries in between lessons.



Access to the members area including key points from the trading programme.


Essential for those on the move requiring quick access to important information.



Our most popular offering. This package includes everything you need in order to approach the financial markets confidently and independently.

You will get :




To Proceed

For Online Tutoring : We require a 20% deposit, and once received will get your Education Pack sent                                         out to you. The remainder of the balance can be paid once you have been                                                   delegated a mentor and arranged your first Skype lesson. Pay your deposit here.

For Office Tutoring : Full payment can be made on arrival at the first lesson. Please contact us here if                                        you wish to arrange this. 

Total Cost


  • Trading Education Pack : 200 pages of essential content

  • 1-to-1 Tutoring : with your delegated mentor, at home or online, in hourly sessions

  • Access to the Online Members Area : for essential information on the move

  • Ongoing Support : your mentor is just an email or phone call away

Made up your mind?


If you are ready to start on the road to becoming successful in the financial markets then lets not delay any longer! 


Please purchase your package through the shop and one of our traders will be in contact with you shortly.