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Learn to trade Maidstone

Learn to trade with

The Trading Classroom

15+ years trading experience

Investment banking background

300+ active traders

Tailored Trading Education  🎯

Established in 2016 - The Trading Classroom has continued to teach and develop professional traders - from complete beginners to those already working in the financial services professionally.

Why Learn To Trade:


Low Entry Barriers: You can start trading with a surprisingly small amount of capital. Use that to start small & build your confidence.


Trade In All Market Conditions: Learn how to make the most of all conditions - including how to make money when markets fall.


Utilise The Technology: Modern-day technology has unlocked access to World's largest & most liquid markets - if you know know how!


Tax Efficiency: Utilise a very particular way of trading and any profit you make is legally tax-free (UK only).


Time Freedom: With Forex being one of the main markets we trade - it means we can trade on our schedule - with active trading hours being open 24/5.

The Trading Classroom

Business Owner


Just completed my Trading Classroom course and it was amazing, one of the best things I ever did. If you're sitting on the fence or new to trading and confused by the minefield that can be Forex or are a trader stuck in a rut, this course will cut through all of this. This guy has the pedigree to back everything up and it was refreshing to actually find a real trader that puts his money where his mouth is.

Benefits of Joining Us

Built on a 15+ year career in the financial markets - we offer a unique and tailored solution connecting the retail World to professional methodologies.



Whether you choose to visit our office in Kent - or learning online via Skype - your learning journey will be face to face with a professional trader.

No big classes or pre-recorded sessions, you get one on one attention for optimal learning and a thorough understanding.



We don't limit how many sessions we have to ensure you understand things properly. That way you can have the peace of mind that things won't be rushed.

We understand everyone learns at a different pace - and we truly want to see you succeed.



Beyond the initial learning we'll always have your back with the support you need.

Whether that's questions you may have, or to talk about your recent performance.

We'll help you stay on track with ongoing support and guidance.

Image by Annie Spratt

Proven That It Works

We're proud to say that our methods and ability to teach have been proven - with numerous cases of full-time traders from home.

Trade like a professional
Tom Miller trader

See the proof from a complete beginner :

FCA regulated broker: Your money is protected by the Government under the FSCS scheme.

Full transparency: See every trade placed for yourself - backed up by broker statements.

934 trades placed: Therefore not just a lucky winning streak - a genuine long-term edge.

Benchmark comparison: Outperforms the Hedge Fund Index and FTSE100 by a significant margin.

Risk/Reward profile: An average winning month almost double the % of the average losing month.

Learn To Trade

Student Case Study:
See the proof that it works

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